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We have developed a very strong and powerful online exam System that will perfectly block all kinds of malpractices likes copying, seeking help from parents/others, referring to books, using Internet to find answer etc. Some highlighted features of our Online Examination System are Real Time audio Video Capture, Automatic Full screen to prevent Malpractices using computers, Automatic Keyboard and Hardware Freeze, Advanced Failure Detection Etc.

Apart from these all , the following will also add to the strengths of malpractice prevention.

  • The exam will be conducted through the website of International Space Olympiad on a particular pre- announced date and candidates can attend the exam at allocated time by logging into the website from computers at their home/schools or where ever they can access the internet.
  • There is no Login Id and password for the candidates to attend the online examination like previous years. Instead A unique web link address will be allotted to each candidate to attend the online examination. Candidates can click on the link to take themselves to the Online Examination portal. The link will only be sent to the registered email ID of the candidate only on the day of the test. Also an online examiner with helpline number will be allotted for the online support and exam monitoring for each candidate.
  • In the online exam, the candidates will be asked 30 multiple choice questions based on Space Science and related topics. The total time allowed to complete the quiz will be 10 minutes. And a candidate can attend the test only once.


  • Online examinations offers the candidates the chances for malpractices. But we have an excellent online examination system that will prevent all the malpractices. We have tested this system many times and it proved to be 100% successful.
  • The time allowed to answer the questions is short and thus candidates can win the examination only if the really know the answers of the questions.
  • Our System is capable of Preventing Malpractices by candidates and Preventing parents from helping candidates answering the questions
  • An online examiner with helpline number will be allotted.


  • Real Time audio Video Capture: The Audio and video of the candidate attending the examination will be captured throughout the examination and thus no candidate will be able to do any malpractices as they are not supposed to move away from the computer. Also it will make sure parents are not assisting candidates to answer the questions.
  • Automatic Full screen: The Window of the examination module will be automatically set to full screen mode when the candidate log in to the examination portal. The window can’t be minimized until the allowed time is over/the candidates submit/quit the examination. Any other tries for malpractices will be detected by our system and will automatically disqualify the candidate.
  • Advanced Failure Detection: The technical failures in attending the examination (power, internet connection, system etc.) shall be accurately detected by our system and thus candidates who get disqualified for malpractices can’t make claims for reappearing for the examination.


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